How Many Girls Does it Take to Make a Lightbulb?

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator Nedum Aniemeka
March 3 - 3This week at Ariel, Veronica and Edyta from the Women in Science and Engineering Program at University of Illinois at Chicago,  taught the girls about engineering! Edyta taught the girls about the different types of engineering careers that they could pursue, which lined up perfectly with the field trip they just attended at Northwestern! To do this, the girls played a game of ‘Match’ with the definitions of different engineering categories with the appropriate title. The girls loved it and Shaleshia found out that civil engineering and architecture are very similar! We might have an prospective architect on our hands!
March 3 - 4
March 3 - 5As their experiment, the girls got a chance to build their own lightbulbs! Using a circuit and a couple of wires that they stuck into clay, the girls were asked to attach the wires to the circuit and see what happened. A lot of the girls did an experiment similar to this last Saturday at the Northwestern Career Day for Girls, so they were excited to be able to apply what they learned on their field trip to today’s experiment. Martinisha said that she thought this experiment was much safer, because the wires burned in the lightbulb for the Northwestern experiment. Talk about electric feelings!
To get their blood pumping, the girls did a physical activity – chair aerobics! Using their chair as balances, the girls stood up and did various stretches and movements with their hands on the backs of their chairs. Antoinette said she felt her legs getting stronger with every stretch. The girls really love coming to Sisters4Science to build their minds AND bodies!