Slime at Reavis

Last week in Reavis, we made SLIME!

After having a ton of fun last week with oobleck, the Sisters at Reavis requested that we make slime this session.
How do you make slime? First, you add Borax powder to water, then add glue to water (with food dye), and then you mix them together! The result: sticky, gooey, BLUE slime!
After we made the slime and played with it for a while, the Sisters took charge and were very creative about the types of experiments they wanted to do with it. Kemonte put her slime over the heater and Alita put her slime near the window to see how heat and cold would affect the solidity of the slime. Jasaande added some more Borax to her slime (which made it less gooey and more solid), and Aaliyah added some more food dye to make it a deep, darker blue.
Then, the Sisters wanted to see if we could combine our knowledge from last week with what we learned this week. We took out the extra cornstarch that we used to make the oobleck, and some of the girls tried to add cornstarch to their slime to make a slime/oobleck combination. The slime turned white from the powder, and according to Aaliyah, it also got a little bit harder!
I’m so proud of my Sisters for thinking of creative experiments like these, and for using the scientific method (without even realizing it!) to explore their creations! Great job, ladies!