In the World of S4S Calumet…Aero Experts!!

This week the lovely ladies of S4S Calumet traded in their bridge engineering hats for aerospace engineering ones!

The girls zoned in on air resistance and how it affects the construction of airplanes and helicopters. They learned how a helicopter must be built to combat the great force of gravity!

photo 1-5    photo 1-6

They then took their learning session to the next level by cutting out paper helicopters, and manipulating them through folding, cutting and the addition of paper clips to determine the best way to make the helicopter fly and hit the ground at a slower rate.

photo 3-5   photo 2-4

We also talked about college, what they are looking forward to when they go, and why it is important to wait a while for certain life events.

Each girl earned the Discover Investigation badge for the week for their ability to understand and form hypothesis around the construction of aerospace materials.

discover investigation badge