In the World of S4S Calumet…Food Wellness!

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The lovely ladies of S4S at Perspectives Calumet received a visit from Ms. Iris Berry! Ms. Berry spoke to the girls about health and nutrition as it pertains to what they put into their mouths.

She focused a lot on the correlation between nourishment and elimination. She explained the different ways of how what you eat effects elimination, and what it means. I.E. Salad=Good elimination, and Flamin’ Hots=Bad elimination.

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Of course Ms. Berry is a foodie, so the lesson couldn’t go on without the breakdown and preparation of a healthy snack. She chose cantaloupe and pumpkin seeds as the main ingredients in the dish, highlighting the many health benefits of both. She then added cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and sea salt, also explaining the health benefits, like how cayenne pepper is FANTASTIC for your digestive system, and how cinnamon helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check!

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The girls then assisted Ms. Berry in combining all of the ingredients before we all dug in. To say that dish was AMAZING would be an understatement!

Nutrition with Iris Berry    photo

The girls also participated in an info session about the new badging system that we are adopting to reward them for their greatness. Their favorite part was putting all of their info into the form and adding their picture! They are extremely excited to use the new system!