In the World of S4S Calumet…Little Engineers!!

Last week, the lovely ladies of S4S Calumet put on their thinking caps and became little engineers. The girls learned about different kinds of bridges, such as a Truss bridge. They also learned “bridge engineer” jargon, as well as definitions and where it would be used in the construction of a bridge. Words such as deck, beam, truss, load, live load, and dead load.

The girls then broke up into two groups and brainstormed for about five minutes on ways to construct their straw bridge so that it would securely hold a cup with at least 25 paper clips.

photo 1-2  photo 2-1

After building for about 15 minutes, we measured the length and width of each bridge, and began our cup and paper clip testing.

photo 1-3  photo 1-4

The first bridge only held five paper clips before the cup tipped over, and the winning bridge held a whopping 26 paper clips before falling over!

photo 2-3  Winning Bridge!! Winning Bridge!!

All of the girls successfully earned the Discovering Communication badge for their constant questions, input and correlations!

Stay tuned for more in the world of S4S Calumet!