Shark Tank Day! – Spring Break Exploration Day 5 Recap

Friday, April 10, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Magaly Perez

IMG_1524Practice, practice, practice! Our fifth and final day began with an icebreaker that allowed each group to present themselves and their product to the rest of the girls. The girls were also reminded that each presentation should be within four minutes, including 30-second pitches about themselves. Following the icebreaker, Ms. Eve had a short lesson prepared on what makes a good and bad pitch. The girls were shown a video of four kid entrepreneurs giving their product pitches. The video included sales pitches from Are You Kidding socks by the Kendall brothers, Zollipops by Alina Morse, Bee Sweet Lemonade by Mikaila Ulmer, and Super Business Girl. After watching each clip, the girls were asked to write whether the kid entrepreneurs had a problem statement and solution, an innovative product, and good presentation skills. Then as a whole group, the girls shared what they wrote and created a list of what makes a “Good Problem Statement”, an “Innovative Product”, and “Good Presentation Skills”.

IMG_20150410_152812554_HDR  After going through each list once more, the girls were reminded of the three things the judges were looking for; Most User-Focused Problem Statement, Most Innovative Prototype, and Best Presentation Skills. Before letting the girls continue working, Ms. Eve announced what the amazing prizes were going to be! The winners of each category would receive a wireless Bluetooth headset and the group that does best across all three categories would receive a Motorola E phone! The excitement was instantly felt in the classroom as the girls immediately started discussing their pitches within their groups. For the following hour and a half, the girls kept working on their product pitch, assigning parts, and perfecting their presentation. After giving the girls some time to work on their own, Ms. Eve, Ms. Angelina (another wonderful PE facilitator), and myself (Ms. Magaly) checked in with each group, listened to their complete presentation, and gave some feedback. By lunch time, all teams were feeling confident and ready to go! Before leaving for the Merchandise Mart, the girls had delicious pizza for lunch!

By 2 pm, the girls, parents, and staff had arrived at Merchandise Mart and checked in at the Motorola Headquarters for the main event! The girls were led up to the Chicago Theater to do final dry runs of their pitches on stage. While the girls IMG_20150410_154306855_HDRpracticed for 30 minutes, Ms. Sue and Ms. Monica held a reception for the parents and took them on a tour of the Motorola HQ and Merchandise Mart. Thirty minutes before showtime, the girls were able to change into their business attire and go on a short phone-testing lab tour with Ms. Kelly!

At 3:15 pm, it was time to start the show! Guests began to fill the seats as Ms. Eve welcomed everyone and introduce Innovation Launchpad. A short video of the spring break camp was shown which included pictures and IMG_20150410_162130171videos taken of the girls working throughout the week. Before being introduced by Ms. Eve, the girls warmed up for the big event with Ms. Kelly. The girls walked in looking fearless! The first team up was J.J.J.A. with their product, The New Revolutionary Anti-Crack Phone, which was guaranteed to never break and allowed each person to communicate their own style through customized built-in cases. The second team was Magic Techs with their product, Talk to Me, which aimed to prevent people from texting while driving by creating an app, steering wheel holder, and Bluetooth pen. The next group was Infinity & Beyond with Tap and Talk, which is an app that 14-DSC_0398allows blind people to easily make calls and use GPS on any phone. The following team was Shawties with their Motorola 500 AT product which includes a phone with a battery life of 3 days, as well as a solar charging case. The final team was Fantastic Four with Reliable Style, a compact and customized phone with a built-in chip that serves as a personal cell tower so one may have excellent reception at all times. The girls left us in awe with their amazing presentations! After congratulating the girls, all of our wonderful judges went off to make their final decisions. In the meantime, Ms. Kristen asked some of the girls to serve as a panel for the Women@Moto to interview as tech experts! Various women at Motorola IMG_20150410_163940959had plenty of questions to ask the girls from “What do you look for when choosing a phone?” to “Where do you use your phone the most?” Time flew by as the girls answered questions about one of their most important possessions, their phones!

With such great presentations, the judges took a bit more time to make their final decisions but it wasn’t long before they came back ready to announce the winners. The first prize announced was for “Best Presentation Skills” which was awarded to J.J.J.A.! J.J.J.A had great energy and knew their product so well that they hardly needed to look at their cue cards. The second prize was for Most Innovative Prototype which was awarded to Shawties for their originality and creativity in resolving the problem of low battery life. The final category of “Most User-Focused Problem Statement” resulted in a tie! Both, Infinity & Beyond and Magic Techs, had great problem statements that focused on a particular audience and provided a backstory. Each girl received the aforementioned Bluetooth headset as well as a certificate for successfully completing the Spring Break camp! As for the grand prize winner, the team that the judges IMG_1527believed did best across all three categories and won Motorola E phones was….. Fantastic Four!!! Fantastic Four focused on a major problem that phone companies are still trying to resolve, their prototypes were very detailed and understandable, and they were able to present it in a fun and creative way. Such a wonderful event came to an end as the girls posed for pictures with family, friends, and the wonderful people at Motorola that made this spring break camp possible. The girls did an amazing job with only a week’s worth of work. We couldn’t be more proud!

Thank you to all that made Innovation Launchpad possible. We can’t wait to do it again!