Project Exploration hopes to introduce young girls to female scientists and their respective fields–not to make future scientists but to expose these girls to new opportunities and to show them that a future in science is possible if they choose it.  Scientists who visit our girls do three main things: introduce themselves and their background in science, explain what their field is and what they do on a day-to-day basis, and then lead the girls in a short, hands-on experiment related to the field.

Reem, current Sisters 4 Science instructor

In a society where the majority of “role models” young girls have are either video vixens, entertainment artists, or “reality” TV personalities it is very rare for a girl to have a role model that embodies grace, intelligence, and spunk.  I, and the many other Sisters of Science, were lucky enough to learn from and meet professional women scientists who possessed all three traits.

At Sisters 4 Science instead of reading about the anatomy of a cow’s eye, we’re in a room, with gloves on, scalpel in one hand, scissors in the other, lab journal at bay, with a cow’s eye on a tray in front of us, itching for the ok to start dissecting from our professional woman scientist of the day.  Now that is how you teach the anatomy of a cow’s eye and that is how you learn about the anatomy of a cow’s eye.

Through and because of my participation in Sisters 4 Science I learned about my passions and my talent. I discovered my mission in life and my goals.  The presence of strong role models, the offering of unique scientific  experiences, networking with scientists and the self discovery of my future pursuits are all because of Sisters 4 Science.

Hope, current Sisters 4 Science participant

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