Should I Be Pretty or Smart?!

Friday, May 8th, 2015 –¬†written by STEM Facilitator, Eugenia Ruiz
On this warm day, at the Sisters4Science program at Funston Elementary, the girls were ready to start the session. This Friday’s plan¬†was specifically to have a TrueChild lesson and prepare for the Reflections of Knowledge coming up! It was finally hitting the girls that the ending of the program for the year was quite near. To start it all off, we began by playing an ice breaker together. We circled together and played a game where we were to mimic a persons movement and make one up on our own. It was so much fun to see the girls come up with some crazy movements!

image3As we sat back down, we got straight to business. The main question of the day was: what experiments/activities did we want to present at the Reflections of Knowledge? All the girls pitched in their ideas and we came up with the top three experiments/activities rather quickly. The top three were: Sutured Banana, Radios, and Galaxy Slime. These were definitely subject to change seeing as we had a guest scientist the following week, whose main topic was rockets!

It was settled then. Those were the three experiments that we wanted to present. Then we figured out the main supplies that were needed for the experiments and poster boards. It all was going pretty smoothly with the girls and preparing for our event.
image4To end the session, we did a TrueChild lesson. The lesson was to create two columns: in the first column, have the girls describe what a “pretty” girl looks like and acts and the second column was having the girls describe what a “smart” girl looks like. The top three descriptions were: “they feel superior”, “worries about how she looks”, and is “rude”. The descriptions that were common with the girls that were smart were: “low self-esteem”, “on their own”, and “good future”. It was interesting to see the girls think of these descriptions. Many had a lot to add to the descriptions, some even related to either category. After completing that exercise, we all had a discussion on if they think it is possible to be both smart and pretty. Many thought that it was impossible, yet I went on to explain to the girls that you can be both smart and pretty. I let them know that they have a beautiful mind and to always be smart about choices. It does not matter whether society likes them, I told them that it was important for them to love themselves. That is all for this session! Next week we have our rocket scientist coming and the girls are looking forward to it!

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