Finalizing our WOW!s at Woodson!

Thursday, May 7th, 2015 – written by Kiara Byrd, STEM Facilitator

Today is the last day we have before the big event! The girls have worked hard and will finally have the chance to show it all off. I asked each of the groups of girls what exactly they knew about their experiment that they will be presenting. What would be the purpose and also what exactly did they learn from it? Ms. Harrell and I went around the room to see what the girls thoughts were. We wanted them to write down everything in their own words, so they would know what to say when they presented. There were a couple of challenges with wording but they knew I would be there for assistance.

In each group, there were different objectives related to their specific demonstration. With the lantern group, I asked Tahnya what did she think the purpose was, “So we can make lanterns on our own and not buy them.” I wanted her to know she was right. This experiment was more crafty but because it still involves science, it’s about being resourceful, and you could even consider it recycling! Creating a product out of what you already have is a wonderful thing. It can also show other kids that even if you can’t afford something, with the right creative mind, you can make it!!!
Our second group with the Coca-Cola geyser was more understanding the function of a real action. Associating it with things we find in our grocery store. As a couple of girls worked on the board, Semajah and Asia were in charge of doing more research. I asked the girls to tell me what they learned about geysers. Semajah explained that when the magma gets hot, the water explodes. With a geyser eruption, yes water bursts out and with associating our materials, the magma is our carbon dioxide. With the mentos reacting with the soda, tiny bubble form around the mentos capsule, pushing the soda out to erupt. “Really? So the pop explodes from the mentos.” Asia asked and made sure she kept note of that.
Our final group was the tornado vortex. Don’ya was in charge of typing out the research, but wasn’t sure if she could do it by herself. But Stephanee reassured her that she will not be doing it alone. “It’s okay Donya we are going to help you, we’re all going to do it together.” As soon as that was said they all worked together in the research. With this experiment, they learned how a tornado looks when it firms and also when materials. such as structures are caught in a tornado, how would it look. This is where the confetti came in. Rachel and Stephanee were really taking initiative in knowing the science behind this. I could tell they were really interested. One more week to go and the world will be WOWed by our amazing Woodson sisters and their presentations!

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