Prepping Demos and Presentations at Carter!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Kiara Byrd:

May 5 - 12 May 5 - 8We have glitter, construction paper, colorful pictures, anything else?? Today the girls will be in charge and act on what they committed to as a role from last week. They are getting the boards together and typing up their scientific research. All the groups were separated and everyone was helping each other to make sure their project looked nice and organized. Ms. Wyland and I wanted to add pictures of the girls in action so they can put it on their board. We were snapping away with all the pictures for all three groups.

With the lip balm group, Ajah was in charge of the board and the others made sure the presentation ran smoothly and correctly documented the research they learned about their own lip balm creation. Dakira was in charge of typing up all the steps for the group. Everyone had a chance to perform the experiment one more time step by step so they are able to explain it for the WOW.
With the elephant toothpaste, we have two girls and they are Somayyah and Jamelya. They each took on 2 roles. Somayyah was in charge of the board and typing up the research. Jamelya was in charge of the experiment presentation and also did the research on the science behind the experiment. Jamelya was very helpful to Somayyah in telling her what she found in her research so they both were able to present tithe project well.
Pop rocks and soda was very organized as well. Markeisha was one of the girls that really wanted to proud of working on something like this. She had a moment where she may have doubted her ability in taking on the role as direction leader.This role, she would be in charge of directing the procedure while the others did the experiment. I told markeisha that I believe in her and I know that she has the capability of taking on this role. Markeisha May 5 - 6 also helped Danaisha with typing up the research as well. They all helped each other and each girl fulfilled their duties. Armani was in charge of the board and was May 5 - 9very creative with the decorating. The idea came about in even blowing up balloons and taping them to the board to make it “pop” more. With Nakaylah assisting, I was impressed with the team work they displayed.

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