Lanterns, Geysers and Tornadoes at Woodson!

Thursday, April 30th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Kiara Byrd

April 30 - 5Today we are going to get the ball rolling!!! We have chosen our experiments and now it is time to do it all on our own, so the girls are ready to present to the world what they can do. At Woodson, the girls chose three experiments. We have, make your own lantern, diet coke and mentos geyser, and your own tornado.

The first group was doing the geyser experiment. I wanted the girls to first pick a designated role for themselves in the group. So everyone is in charge of something and everyone can help each other. After girls picked their roles it was time to get an idea of what they were actually displaying with the experiment. I asked the girls to remember the important factors that makes aApril 30 - 3 geyser work and relate it to their materials. Semajah was in charge of writing down the scientific method for the group and she was asking all the questions she could to make sure she understood everything. Asia, in charge of directing the experiment, also asked exactly what happened to the mentos after dropping it into the cola. This experiment shows how carbon dioxide bubbles form around the mentos capsule and pushes as much cola out of the bottle as it could. This is what makes the “eruption” occur.
The lantern group learned that science can be anything. So they wanted to show that by using household things, you can create your own “product”. This is how engineers are able to create their own projects, by being creative and inventive. They really enjoyed this experiment because it involved crayons and they could be really proud of the beautiful designs that happen after ironing the color on the paper to make the lantern.
April 30 - 4My last group is making your own tornado. Thanks to our guest scientists, the girls were able to know more about natural disasters and tornados are one of them. With this experiment, the girls have a chance to understand tornadoes better and with a little confetti, a nice visual of what happens when things get warped inside the tornado passing by. The girls even allowed the other girls to test their tornadoes so they can enjoy as well.
Everyone was working together and making sure we all stayed in task in order to be successful for the WOW! and other end of the year presentations.

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