Prepping for the WOW! at Carter

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Kiara Byrd

April 28 - 2Well, it’s about that time to get down to business at Carter School of Excellence.  The girls are going to go over their experiments in their respective teams and start preparing for the WOW! event. We will be going over our roles in each group and researching about the topic at hand.

We have 3 different groups which are lip balm, elephant toothpaste, and pop rocks. The girls would really be getting a better understanding of the purpose of the experiment and the science behind it all. The girls in the lip balm group researched on the computer on the history of lip balm and how each material plays an important role in making the perfect lip balm.
Our second group was the elephant toothpaste and Jamelya did a great job in performing the experiment and explaining the science behind it all in her own words. “The reason that it’s foam is because there’s dish soap inside and that’s where the bubbles come from. The yeast also helps with the foam because yeast helps things rise.” I helped her with adding on that that the yeast would be considered a catalyst and the reaction also creates an exothermic reaction, by giving off heat.
The final group is pop rocks and the girls had the chance to understand how carbon dioxide can be found anywhere. The science behind this experiment is that the carbon dioxide is released from the candy and that is what blows up the balloon. The girls really enjoyed this experiment. Since they love candy, it even got the attention of the other girls in the other groups. I was very proud of the girls today and I feel we are really going to be ready for the WOW.

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