Radio, Are You There? Over!

Friday, April 24th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator Eugenia Ruiz
April 24 - 2 April 24 - 4Greetings from the wonderful Sisters4Science girls at Funston Elementary! It’s a brand new week, which means a brand new session day. The weather is finally getting nicer and the sun keeps peeking out. For today’s plan, we have Dr. Michelle Harris, from Northwestern University, as our scientist of the day. She has a PhD in Chemistry and she was always interested in science growing up. The last time that Dr. Harris came to visit, she brought solar panels for the girls to see how much energy power from light can actually turn on a mini lightbulb. For this session, she brought along something greater: radios!
To start the session off, we had a small physical ice breakers. The girls all gathered in a circle. We called April 24 - 7the ice breaker ‘Copy Cat’ but it basically consists of having one student start off by making a movement. Then, the next student was to copy the movement and create their own. The third student would copy the previous two movements and create their own and so on and so forth. The girls were having so much fun that I, along with Dr. Harris, decided to join the fun. Julie Astudillo decided to challenge herself and be the last student to do all of the movements. I must say that sure was a fun ice breaker.
To begin the activity, Dr. Harris had a worksheet for the girls. In the worksheet, they recapped the last session they had together with the solar panels. Then it began with explaining how to BUILD the radios and how to make them work. The girls separated
into four groups. They each had the supplies to create their own radio. Lizbeth was amazed at how, with what seem like simple supplies, were able to create a radio. You can definitely tell when all the groups figured out how to get the radios working becauseApril 24 - 3 all the music would be going around the room. Dr. Harris went around to each group to make sure they understood as to what was happening with he radios. Julie Concepcion was beyond intrigued asking what would happen if a wire was changed or an antennae.
It was so good to see the girls enjoy building a radio that they thought would not work. They learned that with hard work and concentration, they can accomplish anything. Until next time!

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