Another Day, Another Banana to Save!

Friday, April 17th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator Eugenia Ruiz
April 17 - 1 Greetings from the girls at the Sisters4Science program at Funston Elementary! On this beautiful, sunny Friday┬áthe girls were ready to seize the day! For today’s session, Dr. Mussat was going to be our special scientist. We all remember Dr. Mussat. She completed her medical degree in France, where she was born. She has her own practice now. To start the program off a little differently, I decided to take the girls outside to get a breath of fresh air. For the ice breakers, I had the girls play Simon Says. One by one, every girl had the chance to be Simon. It was great seeing all the different things that the girls would have to do and how they were tricked into doing something without having to say “Simon says…” Julie LOVES cats and for almost her entire turn, she had the girls doing cat noises and such. It was great to see the girls outside and be active.
When coming back into the building, the computer lab was set up for the mini presentation that Dr. April 17 - 2Mussat had prepared. She showed a small, yet funny, clip about CPR. In the video, they mentioned to pump the unconcious person’s chest to the rhythm of Staying Alive. Victoria asked: “Why should we keep the same rhythm?” Dr. Mussat then explained that if the person doing the pumps on the chest were to pump without a steady rhythm, they could hurt them. It April 17 - 5was a silly yet educational video, and really caught the girls attention!
Downstairs in the classroom, Dr. Mussat set up the ten bananas for the girls to suture. In this session, the girls were having a competition as to who has the best looking sutured banana. The girls were absolutely ecstatic about the challenge! As the girls began suturing, you can see the concentration happening in their faces. It was good to see the girls having fun and not being too loud. Julie A. and Emely made such great April 17 - 9sutured bananas, that they began suturing a second one. Once it was time to present the bananas, Dr. Mussat checked to see who’s banana was sutured the best. Turns out, Julie’s banana was the best one out there! It was such a wonderful experience having Dr. Mussat come and introduce the girls to surgery and more specificly, letting them get more hands on experience. Until next time!

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