Getting ready to WOW! at Carter!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator Kiara Byrd

April 14 - 4 Today the girls had the chance to take today by storm. Today was the day to practice how to be their own scientists with their own projects. I gave the girls a list of experiments and they made their decisions and came up with 3 different experiments. The experiments were creating your own lip balm, making your own candy, and elephant toothpaste. The girls were put in their separate groups and with the assistance of Ms. Wyland and myself, the girls were in charge of their own products.

In each group the girls were given the materials and steps in order to make their own experiments work. They had to work together and also practice patience because unlike the other experiments, the results would take a little bit more time. With three different groups, I noticed the different strategies that we’re going on to make sure things went smoothly.
April 14 - 3 In the elephant toothpaste group, we had Somayyah and Jamelya. They want to test the experiment the regular way and then try a different way to see if they would get the same reaction at the end. I explained to them that that is how things are discovered. Curiosity and trials are what you need in order to possibly make a life changing discovery. I was impressed for they came up with altering the recipe, or changing the method a little bit to really understand the science behind their experiment.
Another group was creating your own lip balm. In this group, they were given a lot of materials, so this required the girls to be a little more precise in the amount of each item they mixed together in order for the lip balm to work. They were able to be creative in their own choice of flavor for the lip balm and the girls had the chance to make 2 flavors each. They were heating things up, mixing ingredients, and at the end I know they were very proud of themselves to know it is possible to make something at home that a lot of us girls use, in order to save money.April 14 - 2
Our third group was making their own candy. We all know we enjoy a sweet every once in a while so in this group the girls were learning patience.  With making edible things, it takes a little more longer so things can form from something else. The girls were reading the steps off for each other and picking selective roles amongst the group in order for everyone to have a successful product. They were also being careful not to make a mess and cleaned up after themselves. With the rock candy, they also were heating things up and refrigerate their product, in order for the candy to form. They were excited to see the results.
All the girls really displayed their confidence today because there is nothing like being proud of something you made on your own! They are truly inquisitive scientists in the making!

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