What Do Cells Really Look Like?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Kiara Byrd

March 31 - 4 Have you ever wondered what your cells looked like? What makes all of us different?? At Carter today, the girls had the chance to meet Dr. Ana Shulla. She studies Microbology at the University of Chicago and started our day with interesting questions. She wanted to know how much the girls already knew about cells. The girls first expressed to Dr. Shulla what they already knew about cells and later learned the differences in the many different cells. “Today we are going to see our own cheek cells and see the bacteria that’s in yogurt.” Said Dr. Schulla “I thought bacteria is bad, so why would they put in yogurt.” Somayyah was a little confused but after we explained there’s good and bad bacteria, she was more curious in learning more.

So today the girls would learn how it is to work in a lab. They would all get a chance to lookMarch 31 - 2 under a microscope that will allow them to look at each other’s cells and even take them home!! The girls were really excited and was looking forward to see what the cells looked like. With Dr. Shulla’s help the girls all had their own cotton swab and swabbed the inside of their mouth, along the cheek area. Keshaia made sure she swabbed really well in order to get as much cells as possible. In a straight line, the girls took the next necessary steps in spreading the used swabs on their own slide and secure it with a March 31 - 1plastic cover and using blue methylene.
The cells that were able to be seen first were Darnasha. When she saw her cells she thought it was cool and gross at the same time! Other girls agreed as well when they looked at their own cells. Jamelya was one of the first who said “I want to put on the gloves so I’m a real scientist” Somayyah also added that she wants to be as professional as possible. After all the girls viewed their cells it was time to look at yogurt. Through the microscope, they had the chance to see all the bacteria from a small scoop of yogurt. Skye was so surprised and was the lucky girl to take that slide home for herself. The girls really enjoyed themselves and will never look at yogurt the same again lol.

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