Tornadoes in the Classroom!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Kiara Byrd

March 24 - 3Let’s build today!!! I gave the girls the opportunity to really work as a team, and by listening to every step, build their own tornado!! We had 4 bottles so there were 4 different tornadoes ready to be made. The girls started to cut the remaining paper from the 2 liter bottles to make confetti. It really helped the tornadoes looked more colorful. Nakaylah of course was my helper with helping all of the groups with proper materials. She helped with filling the container with water and even thought of a better way to transport the water into the bottles without spilling. The first group was Semayyah, Danaisha, Dekira, and Ajah. They wanted to be the first group to finish so the other groups can follow, lead by example if you will. Danaisha, another helper of mine today, wanted to help the other groups with their tornadoes and helped everyone secure their bottles.

Skye was one of the first to express how cool the experiment was!  She was very determined to make sure her tornado was just right. I really admired Semayyah today because I could see she March 24 - 2really felt like a scientist. She couldn’t put the tornado bottle down for one second “I’m definitely taking this home so I can show my mom.” Semayyah was having a really great time building.
The other groups did an awesome job building their tornadoes as well! Keishaia asked for some assistance with her tornado and finally she made it work. In our sessions, I want the girls to touch different areas in science. We have touched chemistry, psychology with our collages with using association,and today we are engineers. The girls had a chance to put their minds to the test and be proud of themselves building something all on their own.

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