Save the Bananas!

Friday, March 27th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Eugenia Ruiz
March 27 - 4  Code blue, code blue! Calling all doctors! On thisexciting day at Funston Elementary School, the girls in the Sisters4Science program were about to get a special treat! Our scientist for today is Dr. Florence Mussat. She is a plastic surgeon who has her own practice. She went to medical school in France and did her surgical training in New York.
Today, she brought scrubs for all of the girls to wear! Each girl had her own mask and scrubs, and little foot protectors for their shoes. It was fantastic to see all the girls get really excited for the scrubs. Many had never had the chance to actually wear the scrubs but only see them on doctors.
For the activities today, the girls had two choices: learn how to lie knots OR suture a banana back to health! All of the girls took turn doing each activity since we had enough time for both. Dr. Mussat paired the girls up and they each had a banana that had its peeled cut and “blood” (Hersey’s strawberry syrup) was coming out of it. The girls loved it March 27 - 6soooooo much! They used all the of the medical instruments to suture up the banana! At first, the girls were a little impatient as to how they were supposed to suture the banana. Victoria was one of the girls that had a hard time at first working with the needle and instruments. Once she got the hang of things, she began feeling more comfortable with the instruments. Lizvette and Lizette were beyond excited to be working on the banana. They continuously asked for help from Dr. Mussat so that they could get the suture perfect! It was so good to see the girls focus on a task that actual doctors do when treating people.
Afterwards, Dr. Mussat went over some general medical tips to give to the girls. She taught them from what is a heart attack to what to do if someone was lying on the floor unconscious. She even quizzed them on what a hemorrage is and what is pathology. The girls and I cannot wait for Dr. Mussat to come back and bring all her wonderful knowledge with her! Till then!
March 27 - 1

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