Mr. MotoRobo Visited! – Spring Break Exploration Day 3 Recap

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Ms. Bori Kim

IMG_1591We are almost there!  It is already Day 3.  The girls got more than excited ever for what was waiting for them.  Shark Tank with Motorola Executives!  To have them well-prepared, Ms. Eve and her teammates from Motorola Mobility Foundation, Ms. Ann, and Ms. Kelly with Ms. Andrelina opened the morning with Pre-Product Fair.  Since the girls just started designing their prototypes on Day 2, it was a wonderful opportunity for them to share their original ideas and to get feedback from the peers and the professionals.

All groups had their sketches ready to share with one another.  One or two from each group would stay at their tables to present.  The other two would walk around and comment on others’ ideas.  Again, it was a time to bring up their amazing interview skills.

IMG_1496Those who were walking around were very interested in looking at different ideas and solutions other groups had.  We also had the fabulous professionals from Motorola who helped each group to consider some other features that could be added.  This was a truly team work!

Since the girls were so into the fair, it was very hard to come back together as a whole group.  We, however, had to move on.  Our next activity was, “What is trade-off?”  Ms. Kelly and Ms. Ann showed up an image of Mr. MotoRobo that looks very expensive.  “What do you think trade-off is?” asked Ms. Kelly.  For a few seconds, they were all quiet.  The girls were hesitant to respond.  Kiara raised her IMG_1651hand, taking a risk that she might not get it right, but gave her best shot. “Is it like we exchange things with others?”  “Yes, that’s close. Could anyone add on Kiara’s?” asked Ms. Kelly.  Again, everyone was so quiet.  “Let’s make this easier. Each group has a budget sheet and scenario.  Let’s start from here,” continued Ms. Kelly pointing Julie’s group.

Julie’s group started reading the scenario: My boss says, “The budget is limited.  The materials you have on this robot are quite expensive.”  From the description of each scenario, the groups were tasked with checking their options, either monetary, budgetary, or supply-related, and deciding what their trade-off was going to be, based on the perimeters given by the boss.

IMG_1489Following each scenario, we finally had Mr. MotoRobo that our boss wants.  Perfect Mr. MotoRobo is here by trading-off!  Such a fun, meaningful way to learn what “trade-off” is!  The girls got so excited to see our complete robot.  They couldn’t resist taking photos with it.  So we did it.  Photo of a Day!

Keeping our girls engaged, Ms. Andrelina introduced three key concepts with Jeopardy.  Yes, Jeopardy!  The girls were so ready to go for it.  Each group was allowed to have a Hint & Question sheet to help them understand these difficult concepts: User-Research, Testing, Trade-off.  The girls were so enthusiastic in learning.  Plus with all the incentives that were coming in their way.

During the afternoon, Ms. Andrelina so kindly decided to stay and helped the girls with beginning to develop their prototype presentations.  Each group stood in front of the class IMG_1675and discussed their product, including the specifics, where their group names originated from, as well as why their product was unique.  Ms. Andrelina, using her expansive knowledge and expertise, gave the girls some amazing feedback, based on their presentation skills, and helped them to clarify some specifics related to their prototypes.  This was such a great way for the girls to start getting ready for presentations! Friday is coming up fast!

We had so much fun, learning today!  Though the concepts were very difficult to understand, Motorola team made them so much easier, meaningful for the girls.  The girls finally became experts in User-Research, Testing, and Trade-off.

Special Thanks to Ms. Eve, Ms. Ann, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Andrelina.


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