A Trip to the Mart! – Spring Break Exploration Day 4 Recap

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Ms. Bori Kim

DSC_0007Field Trip is finally here!  We informed the girls about this field trip since Day One.  So, the girls were getting very excited as the day was approaching.  How excited?  Everyone was on time!  They were supposed to meet us at the school entrance by 9:00am and the girls were all there even before 9:00am!

All girls signed in and got on the bus.  Through the bumpy road, the bus arrived at Merchandise Mart in Chicago downtown where Motorola Mobility Foundation is located.  The girls and the facilitators took the elevator to the 18th floor.   We were guided to take a wooden stair from the lobby and we were all stunned at a beautiful DSC_0041view when we got on the 19th floor.  There we met “Women@Moto”.  Women@Moto is a group of female professionals who works at Motorola.

We were so glad to see some of the familiar faces from the previous DSC_0083_2sessions.  Ms. Kelly, one of our guest speakers, led an icebreaker to have the girls feel comfortable.  We made a small circle and had to only move inside the circle to change our spot if we agree with a person who says, “I’m the one who likes…”  Ms. Kelly started it with “I’m the IMG_20150409_121251786one who likes dogs.” We all moved in the circle and kept going on until everyone got a turn to introduce themselves by making a statement: “I’m the one who likes…”  Our girls were not shy anymore.

The girls seemed a little more confident and comfortable than the previous days.  To help the girls with Shark Tank that was planned for the next day, Women@Moto opened the field trip with DSC_0059“Elevator Pitch.”  What if we only had 30 seconds to introduce ourselves to someone in the elevator, until the elevator reaches at its top floor?  Yes, we don’t have time for details, but for something significant, appealing, and simple!  The girls learned how to present themselves in such conditions by creating a 30-second or 60-second introduction all about themselves.

Then, with Elevator Pitch and interview skills learned through the week, the girls got to meet female professionals!  Amazing Race.  Women@Moto had set up 9 stations that represent 9 departments, such as Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Consumer Design, Software, Social Media and several others!  Our DSC_0064mission was to find what department the women we meet work in only by interviewing. The girls got to not just interview them, but to know what kind of jobs Motorola does.  The girls were hesitant little bit in the beginning, but they were very much engaged that they all lost track of time.  A hour later, when it was a lunch time, they were still talking with the professionals!  Wow!  No one forced them to stay or keep working at a station, but the girls so loved this Amazing Race experience!

DSC_0028In the afternoon, we continued on storytelling, how to pitch the product.  The girls were well-prepared for the next day for sure!

During the Amazing Race, the girls had an opportunity to create their own Facebook post, with Barbara, the Director of Social Media at Motorola, about their experience and what they enjoyed about the field trip and activities.  Here are some of their amazing reflections they made:

“The career I’m interested in after I met women at Amazing Race is software engineer because they can control the app like game and change the waythey would like to, change what the app says and its color.” –Jazlyn C.

“Learning to share personal story, I am not scared to talk to other people anymore.” –Marisol

“The most interesting role at Motorola is Supply Chain department, because the activity was fun and easy to understand for me.”  –Julie

“The women I met are just amazing.  A lot of people say women are for housework, but they just proved them wrong.”  –Kiana

“I love this place because it looks interesting and fancy.  There are so many incredible women that help us out.  They help me with my learning about technology and phones.”  –Jeanette

Thank you to the lovely Women@Moto group for making this day amazing for the girls!



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