What Represents You?!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 –¬†written by Kiara Byrd, STEM Facilitator

March 10 - 1 (2) ¬†Today was a very successful day at Carter I must say. For today is a special day, it’s Women’s History Day. We took the time to really think about who we look up to in our lives. I asked the girls to think hard and share with the rest of the class who they look up to. Mostly all the girls responded saying their parents or older siblings. Even Somayyah asked me “Miss Kiara, who do you look up to?” I told the girls I look up to my grandfather and I even look up to myself. I wanted to allow the girls to understand that it is one thing to look up to someone, but to be a person who works hard and is a role model to others, is a great goal they should all want to achieve. I have brought in magazines and Ms. Wyland and I told the girls to really think about themselves. What are there likes and dislikes, what were their favorite things to do, and what do they want to be when they grow up. The girls really took a time to reflect. After some time for thinking, it was time to get to work.

March 10 - 6The girls cut out certain things in the magazines that they felt represent them the most and would present the collage the class. The girls worked very hard and each collage was beautiful. I really enjoyed Ajah’s collage for she explained that for her it was about self confidence and that she saw herself as a beautiful and intelligent girl. I heard a couple of more girls like Somayyah and Markeisha, who complimented themselves and saying they were very smart and saw themselves as good people. Also, for weeks the girls have been begging me to have them make slime so I made sure we did today. They had the best time and I could see them really working together and sharing all the materials with each other. I was especially proud of Armani today. Nakaylah, a fifth grader, was having trouble in getting her slime together. Nakaylah was feeling down and Armani did the most wonderful thing. She walked up to me and took it upon herself to make sure Nakaylah did not feel left out. “Miss Kiara, Nakaylah should not be the only one without slime. So I think if we get the remaining stuff we can help Nakaylah get March 10 - 3 (2)her slime.” I completely agreed with her and it worked. Nakaylah got the right slime after Armani’s help. What Armani did was the perfect example of displaying how to be there for each other and being selfless. Armani felt really good seeing that she helped Nakaylah with her slime so all of the “Sisters” had a product to bring home from the program to show their families. After listening to the girls of who they want to be and how they worked together today, I know they are on the right track.

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