Solving Problems and Taking Names – Spring Exploration Day 2 Recap

Day Two – written by STEM Facilitator, Magaly Perez

Day Two - 3Day Two of Innovation Launchpad was off to a great start! Our wonderful guest speaker for the day was Ms. Patricia, a Visual Designer for Motorola. The day began with an icebreaker led by Ms. Patricia, in which the girls were able to interview each other about their favorite game or toy and find out what made it a good product.

Before starting the day’s lesson on “Product Ideation”, each group had an opportunity Day Two - 6to create a problem statement describing the problem they planned on solving. It took some time for each team to decide on a single problem but once it was chosen, the girls were certainly excited to get started! The resulting problem statements were:

  • How might we solve for no texting while driving?
  • How might we solve for low battery?
  • How might we solve for rejecting calls and messages?
  • How might we create a case that lets us communicate our style?
  • How might we create a phone for blind people?

Day Two - 2The next step involved figuring out how to solve their problem! In preparation for this next step, Ms. Patricia introduced ideation, along with a few brainstorming rules. The following hour consisted of brainstorming solutions to their problems by writing each potential solution on a post-it note. From the amount of post-it notes seen around the room, it was clear to see that the girls were full of ideas! By the end of the hour, each group had to decide on the best way to solve their problem. After receiving feedback, the girls continued on to assign tasks within their groups and brainstorm on how to build their prototypes! Before receiving their prototype kits (which they were extremely excited about!), Ms. Patricia held a Show-and-Tell with actual prototypes from Motorola, which definitely stirred up more ideas and resulted in the first sketches for prototypes!Day Two - 9

After lunch, each group finally received the highly anticipated prototype kits! Each kit came with a wide variety of materials including Legos and a 3D pen! The girls dove right into the materials and there was no stopping them for the following hour and half. However, the girls did take a break from their intense prototyping for our daily journaling time and a TrueChild lesson to wrap up a very productive day!

Day Two - 4We cannot wait to see what the girls’ prototypes will look like!


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