Solar Power to the Rescue!

Friday, March 6th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator Eugenia Ruiz
March 6 - 2Good day to you all! On this gorgeous day, the girls at Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary was on full steam ahead. This session, the girls started off with their usual ice breaker. Today’s ice breaker was called: Two Truths and a Lie. The girls had so much fun trying to come up with a lie when it was their turn. My favorite one had to be Julie’s choices. She said: “I love the color blue, I loveMarch 6 - 3 cats, and I like pink cats”. All of the girls choose the lie of “I like pink cats”. Julie’s response was: “I don’t like pink cats. I LOVE pink cats!” They all burst into laughter. It was such a great moment.
Today’s guest scientist was Dr. Michelle Harris. She has a PhD in Chemistry and is doing a Post Doctoral research at Northwestern University. She was always interested in science as a girl so the opportunity to give back to girls was awesome. She brought with her  March 6 - 5solar cells that can be attached to one another to create a voltage. She also brought along a worksheet for the girls to follow along with and help to understand the vocabulary!
There was a device that measured the voltage when flashlights lit up the March 6 - 6solar cells. The girls loved the worksheet they had because it gave them differnet ways to create a higher voltage. The best part… the girls began using their own combinations of light with natural light and more artificial light and even the darkness.
I have to say, it was super awesome to see the girls enjoy themselves so much. Not only were they having so much fun, but they learned about the solar cells and clean energy sources. It was fantastic. Until next time!

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