Foam Explosions at Carter!

March 17th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator, Kiara Byrd

March 17 - 1Let’s play the cup game! Today at Carter I wanted the girls to get in touch with their musical side. We also had a couple of new faces today, so this was a great way to get the girls more comfortable in this type of environment. The ice breaker today I chose was the cup game where I referenced from the Pitch Perfect movie. I played the clip from the movie and allowed the girls to listen to the beat. Some got the concept right away and some needed more practice. I had my two volunteers Semaya and Markeisha to teach the rest of the girls how it was done. The object of the game was to keep up with the beat and whoever was the last person with their cup without messing up was the winner. They really liked this game for it really woke them up after a long day at school. The activity I had for the girls today, Ms. Wyland  and I decided that it was their turn to do things on their own with our assistance of course. We passed out a March 17 - 4sheet for each girl with the steps and the scientific method attached to be used with the elephant toothpaste experiment. I explained to the girls how this activity they are going to learn about what a catalyst is and also what an exothermic reaction is. Ajah explained that she has heard of this before and was excited to do it with her friends.

March 17 - 5 (2)As helpers, I had Markeisha and Nakaylah to help with materials and each girl had a chance to explain the experiment step by step. The girls worked together to make sure each of their  bottles would get the same reaction after mixing all the ingredients. They were very shocked with the results on how mixing certain things could cause a “foam explosion” each and every girl wanted to take their creation home and show their parents. We even had Danaisha, one of our 6th graders, have a bigger explosion than others and a little got on her face. She simply wiped it off but she definitely was involved in the science today. At the end the girls really helped me in tidying up and I even had a couple of helpers to stay a little bit after. Semaya asked “Miss Kiara, do you need any extra help in cleaning up?” I was very appreciative and asked if they could put the chairs back while I wiped the tables. During that time, Semaya shared with me that because of learning how to make slime, it brought her and get mom closer. “My mom really doesn’t spend time with me because she works but this weekend we are going to get some quality time and make slime together.” “She even said she has made slime before so it should be fun.” I was very glad to hear that what our program does for the girls really reaches home. We have no idea what it like at home for these girls and if our sessions can bring family members closer and being more involved in science, then that truly can make a difference for a child from here on out. Semaya at first was not very open to the science concept but telling me that because of Sisters4Science, she and her mother can spend more time together and I know she missed that.

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