Float On!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 – written by Nedum Aniemeka, STEM Facilitator
March 10 - 1 Today at S4S the girls learned about density! Ms. Bori Kim, a Project Exploration STEM Facilitator, came in again today to lead an experiment about scientific observations and predictions. The girls were given 5 different objects – a candle, cashews, whipping cream, water, and corn syrup, and were asked which items they thought would sink to the bottom. First, the girls looked, touched, and tasted the items. Then they made their predictions by taking index cards of the materials and stacking the cards based on what layers they thought would form. The experiment got a little messy, but the girls loved it! They even got to put food coloring in their water to make the mixture more interesting. Nyssa said that the mixture looked like layers of sand in the glass! At the end of the experiment the girls were all asked to take pictures of their mixtures and send their best one for a photo contest. We got March 10 - 3some pretty creative filters as a result!
For a physical activity, the girls engaged in a game of Mix it Up! For the first round, Kiara started us off by doing a dance move that we all had to copy. Then we moved around the circle until each girl had contributed a dance move to the sequence. By the end of it we had a 10-dance move sequence! Antimia even added her own little flair and made the dance a little funky. The girls are natural dancers!

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