Collages and Deep Thinking :)

March 13th, 2015 – written by STEM Facilitator Eugenia Ruiz
March 13 - 2 Greetings all once again! Chicago finally had a beautiful day and the girls at the Sisters4Science program at Funston Elementary took advantage of that wonderful day. This session, the girls and I had little one on one time. We look forward to our guest scientist the next week. For our ice breaker and due to the , we decided to take it outside. The game was called “Lava”. The girls were to stand on a low ledge in a straight line. Without talking, they were to order themselves from the month they were born. The tricky part, their feet could not touch the ground, hence the name “lava”. It was fantastic seeing the girl get active and have fun with the ice breaker.
As we went back to the classroom, I had prepared a TrueChild activity for the girls.The name of this activity is “Women and Girls in Media and Society”. For the activity, the materials were: magazines, pencils, glue, scissors, and neon cardstock paper. The girls were to cut out ten pictures in total; five of them were to be of how they think women should be and the last March 13 - 3five of women that had “imperfections” in the magazines. Seeing the girls’ process of thinking and the many images they were cutting out, it was intersting. Coming together to talk about it, many girls said that the women with flaws were women who were gardening and had either no makeup or too much makeup on. The women that were beautiful seemed simple and stunning. The girls really did enjoy the activity because they had not realized that the majority of them had chosen similar traits for each category.
Until next time, friends. Our next session we have a guest scientist and we are all very excited!

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