Welcome to Carter Elementary!

Feb 24 - 1Well hello Carter!! Today was our first day of Sisters4Science at our new school and it was great to see how many girls wanted to learn more about science and also each other. What better way to get to know each other by doing an Ice breaker. They had 2 choices with playing the game hot seat or playing two truths and a lie. They wanted to do something different so they chose two truths and a lie. It was interesting to see what the girls knew about each other already and what was a shock for them. When it was my turn a 6th grader, Gentrice, was really surprised that me working at Disney World a few years ago was not a lie and wanted to know more. After our ice breaker, I wanted to know what the girls knew about science. I have gotten a few responses saying experiments, explosions, scientific method, and also a nice input from Semaya, mentioning the periodic table. I introduced to the girls that science is all about being creative and also working together as s team to get them prepared for our activity. Building your own utopia.

Feb 24 - 6I separated the girls into two groups and turned off all the lights. I told them to close their eyes and to use their imagination. I explained it was a huge explosion that killed most of the population. They had a rocket ship and there were 30 people from a list I pulled up for them. The girls next task was to pick the best 10 people and with those people they are to build their own society. They even could name the new planet whatever they wanted! The girls had fifteen minutes to prepare and then they would present their utopia to the class. Between the two groups, I saw great team work. I saw girls taking certain roles in the group and also everybody giving their opinion on how their utopia should be. I heard Semaya even say some logical things in why they chose certain people on their rocket. I also saw that she picked certain people because of their age for reproduction purposes too. “We chose the 27 and 30 year old so they can help with the next generation. We have the 15 year old who is pregnant but she is too young to have babies and we don’t want her to have Feb 24 - 4any with the grown men because that’s wrong. To know that they knew about morals and wanted to bring that to their planet was definitely something I liked to see. With naming the planets, I saw the groups trying to incorporate everyone instead of leaving anyone out. I observed Asia working with her group to come up with a name that included all of their names combined. I even heard Dekira say “let’s name our planet the awesome survivors”. That definitely showed confidence!! At the end of the session, each group presented to the class their utopia and why they chose their specific 10. The reasons were very important for they based it on how they would survive first and added a little of making an income and having entertainment. But both groups really understood the concept overall. After the activity we wrote in our journals and they even gave me ideas on what kind of activities they wanted to do in our sessions. They told me that they did have fun so that is a good start. There is more to come!!!

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