Welcome back Woodson North!

Feb 26 - 5 We are back Woodson!!!! Today was a wonderful day at Woodson. I managed to see a few returning girls and a few new ones. The returning girls especially Doniya and Tahnya, gave me the biggest hug and were so excited to see me. Doniya even told me “I am going to be in Sisters4Science forever!!! Every time you guys come back I will be there.” It was also very sweet to hear Tahnya say after she found out I facilitated at another school she says “What? You have other girls? No you are only supposed to be here with us.” I really appreciated the girls feeling comfortable in our program where they truly feel they associate it with their happiness. Because it was the first day we started with the two truths and a lie ice breaker. We also had a special guest Jacki come in and help with taking our Pre-surveys. After the paperwork, I wanted my Woodson girls to get down and dirty!!! I wanted to also do something different so everyone can be surprised if the activity. Today they learned how to make slime!!! There is one girl named Alana and she was very curious in what we were going to be doing. She automatically wanted to Feb 26 - 6help me¬†with¬†passing things out. Semajah, a returning girl, also wanted to help me pass out the supplies. I explained to the girls I wanted them to do the activity themselves while I gave direction so they can really build their confidence. They all seemed a little skeptical in getting their hands dirty so I also supplied spoons for the mixing part. The girls really got excited when everything was coming together and the slime became amazingly sticky. Alana even helped me assist the other girls who wanted their slime to be more like hers. I really liked to see Alana stepped out of her comfort zone and helping the other girls, for she really didn’t know a lot of the girls in the beginning. I loved seeing that. An 8th grader, Rachel, even was being more open with me in how she was actually having fun with this activity. Of course it was not long until the girls wanted a round 2 in making slime. I saw that in round 2 materials were dwindling and a 5th grader Asia explained to me that it was hard to make her second slime. So by working together, she successfully made her second bag of slime and I Feb 26 - 1could see the biggest smile on her face. Sisters4Science is really for these girls to be better as leaders and also for us as the facilitators to make sure every girl has a memorable experience and that they enjoy it!! This was a huge successful first day and the girls will really be opened up to new things sooner than they think!!


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