Lava Lamps and Floating Paper Clips!

Written by our STEM Facilitator, Eugenia Ruiz:
Feb 13 - 9 Feb 13 - 11
Friday the 13th has finally arrived. Yet, the girls have science on their minds. This session, another of one of Project Exploration’s STEM facilitators, Ms. Bori Kim, came to join our program. The girls had so much fun with her! She brought two small activities for the girls to enjoy. The first activity was based on the girls’ values. She brought in several tiny pieces of papers with different values on them. The girls were to go to Feb 13 - 5each table around the room and choose six values that were important to them. They were then to write down the values in their journals and put why they were important to them. It was great to see the girls express themselves freely about what they valued. It was amazing to watch them all be happy with the ones that they chose.
Then we followed the activity with an experiment: the floating paper clip. The supplies needed for the experiment were: a bowl with water, a paper clip, and tissue paper. The girls placed the paper clip in the water and watched it sink. Then they placed the tissue paper on the water and gently placed the paper clip on the tissue paper. The girls were in shock as they saw the paper clips floating! It was so cool!
For a little brain break, Ms. Bori had thegirls do some diaphragmatic breathing. Feb 13 - 7It helped clear their minds and help them relax a little bit. The second experiment was the ‘Lava Lamps’. Last time we did the lava lamp in a cup with salt. This time the girls used: empty water bottles, water, food coloring, oil, and alka seltzer tablets. I wanted the girls to see different reactions from the salt and the alka seltzer. It was fun to see how they thought the water bottle lava lamps were much cooler.
Overall, we had an amazing session. The girls are looking forward to having a scientist next week. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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