Don’t Touch the Lava!

Written by our STEM Facilitator, Nedum Aniemeka:
Feb 10 - 4 On February 10th, 2015 at Ariel Community Academy’s Sisters4Science¬†session, we had a guest scientist from our very own staff¬†come and work with the girls! Ms. Bori Kim, who’s currently studying to become a science teacher at North Park University, came in and did a really fun activity with the girls about lava! First, Bori asked the girls what they already knew about lava and the girls all knew that it’s the hot substance that comes out of a volcano when it erupts. Kiara even told us that cooled lava can turn into rocks. Furthermore, Alanah told us about the types of volcanoes that exist in the world – either dormant or active!
To do the activity, the girls combined cooking oil, water, and food color to make cups of lava. Then they added salt to their cups to simulate what it looks like when lava bursts from a volcano. The activity was super fun and the girls even took videos of their cups so they could playback what it looked like when the lava “exploded.”
After the experiment, we did a breathing exercise to get the girls up and moving! Bori introduced the girls to the idea of breathing from the diaphragm, which is a Feb 10 - 3technique that’s used when meditating. Nyssa said “breathing like that made her feel really calm” and she would make sure to use that technique next time she feels herself getting angry. Sounds like a good idea, Nyssa!
Finally, the girls closed off the day talking about the things in their life that they hold most valuable. All of the girls had amazing things to say about their friends, family, and school! Antimia also said that she valued her style. We’ve got a resident diva on our hands! Until next time!

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