Biostatistics at Funston!

Written by our STEM Facilitator, Eugenia Ruiz:
On the chilly Friday of February 6th, the Sisters4Science girls at Funston Elementary started off their day with a fun ice breaker! We did ‘The Name Game’ with a small twist: done with verbs!  All the girls had to re-introduce yourself and add a verb of what they like to do.  Many of the girls shared that they liked to text and/or go out with their friends. It was interesting to see what many of the girls liked to do in their free time!  The girls then did the name game in a different version because there were many new students that recently became a part of our program.  We loving have newcomers!
Feb 6 - 1Our scientist for today was Dr. Irene Helenowski who works as a researcher at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. She helps researchers with statistical data for the designs of study and analysis. Today, she brought the girls flashcards with different numbers. The girls were put into two groups: A and B.  The goal was to have the girls figure out the means and median of the data. Then, Dr. Helenowski helped the girls with something called standard deviation, something very new for the Funston students! She helped the girls find out the standard deviation between the two data.
The girls loved doing a little bit of math and learning how it can be used in the science world. They were very interested to learn how Dr. Helenowski uses math to help the science field. They were even amazed that she works at the Northwestern University! A great day with the girls leaving happy and a little bit more comfortable knowing that math and science can go well together.

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