Groovy, Oozy, Lava Lamps!

Jan 30 - 1 Another chilly day on January 30th and another beautiful session day with the Sisters4Science girls at Frederick Funston Elementary School. To start off this wonderful day, we did a brand new ice breaker called React and Act. With this game, each girls picks an event or instance that they have to act out. It can be from reacting to a having a stomach ache after eating a piece of cake to an exploding experiment. It was different ice breaker but the girls did the funniest reactions I have seen. It took some time to figure out what each of them were reacting to.
Then we moved on to what was planned for the day:  a TrueChild activity. TrueChild is an organization that helps children today to learn about harmful gender norms and hJan 30 - 5ow they can learn to move beyond them. This program helps give the girls the confidence to be who they want to be and the freedom to express themselves. The activity involved the girls drawing pictures or writing a paragraph about themselves. How they view themselves and how they think others view them. The second part of the activity is again drawing or writing about where they see themselves in ten years. Many girls wrote that they see themselves in school and having a significant other. After hearing many of those, we took the time and talked about how they don’t have to get married so quickly or be in a relationship. The main point that I got across is that they should all love themselves first.
Having completed a pretty serious activity for the girls, I ended the day with a small experiment. The supplies needed were: clear cups, water, Jan 30 - 4food coloring, oil, and salt.  The lava lamp was a completely new experiment forJan 30 - 6 me so I was learning alongside the girls. We filled the cups halfway with water and about 1/4 of the cup with oil. We let the two things settle before putting in the food coloring. We decided to make a rainbow lava lamp so some girls put a drop of each color. As we poured a bit of salt, the food coloring made it past the oil barrier and began looking like a lava lamp. The girls were super impressed! At the end, they started mixing the oil, water, and food coloring and the final product became a glittery water. It was great seeing the girls enjoy their experiment. It felt good knowing that after a good discussion of gender norms, they were able to relax with an entertaining experiment. Till next time!

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