Rockets and Explosions!

Jan 23 - 1 Jan 23 - 2Have you ever asked yourself if a balloon could make a perfect rocket? Well today is your lucky day! In our session for Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary on January 23rd, that is exactly what we did. We started off our session with a super fun ice breaker called Freeze Frame. In this game, we have an announcer who yells out different types of activities. The girls are then supposed to freeze in a position they believe goes well with the activity yelled. It was so much fun seeing all the different positions the girls thought about for the activities.  Afterwards, we went over the new Code of Conduct for the program. We all came up with several rules that we would all follow for every class session. Each of us signed the copy and kept the large paper pad in the classroom to be reminded of it every session.
Our scientist for the day was our wonderful Program Manager of Project Exploration, Jaclyn Carmichael. For this session, she brought with her two experiments: the balloon rocket and the exploding lunch bag.
Jan 23 - 3For the balloon rocket, the supplies needed were: string, tape, straws, a balloon, and scissors. The girls split into groups of two where they collected their materials. They first filled the balloons with air. Then, with one girl holding the filled balloon, the other girls takes responsibility and tapes the straw onto the balloon. Many of the girls were wondering how these few objects can turn a balloon into a rocket. That is when Ms. Carmichael had each of the girls cut off string, long enough for it to reach the other side of the classroom. Jan 23 - 4They taped their string to the opposite ends of the classroom. They then placed the string inside the straw with the balloon opening facing the wall behind them. Once every group was ready for blast off, we counted to three and the girls let their balloons go. Their faces were amazing! Seeing how far their balloon got, if it had reached the opposite end of the class or not. It was awesome! They refilled their balloons a couple more times and tried getting all of them to the other side.
Before session ended, we decided to do the exploding lunch bag experiment. The supplies for this experiment were: sandwich bags, baking soda, warm water, vinegar, and tissues. We all went outside for this part of the session. The girls filled their sandwich bags with warm water and vinegar. To create the exploding effect, they wrapped baking soda in tissues. They quickly placed it into the bags and sealed them up. The balloons began to look like balloons and before you knew it, POP! It was a quick yet super fun experiment.
The girls enjoy having Ms. Carmichael our their sessions, but I think this time she won the hearts of every girl there because they left the session with huge smiles. Another successful week accomplished!  I’m feeling very good about this semester with the girls!
Jan 23 - 7

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