Woodson’s Reflections of Knowledge!

Dec 9 - 3Reflection of Knowledge, show me what you can do girls! These girls have worked so hard in wanting to make sure they have great presentations. I am so proud of them and truly feel they have a better understanding on what science is all about.

We have two groups presenting two amazing experiments they have learned to do. One group was to show how the girls extracted their own DNA. In this group we have Ashaunti, Tahnya, Donya, arianna, Jakaylah, Janiah, and Victoria. They were a little nervous at first, But after talking to them and allowing them to go over the experiment, they were more confident in their presentation. Jakaylah even stepped up and said “I want to welcome people inside and pass out flyers.” She knew this was her chance to really get involved since she has been here only a few weeks.

We had our second group with Pop rocks. I can tell this was one of the most memorable experiments for the girls. We all know children love candy, so it was interesting for them to think of candy of not something you only eat, but to use for a bigger reason. In this group we have Sarah, Mariah, Caremah, Dec 9 - 2and Olivia. They were asking questions on how they should say certain things and also how to explain what exactly caused the balloons in the experiment to inflate…Carbon Dioxide!!

We had a couple of groups of people coming in to see each group present and the guests were impressed to learn what the girls know about science. We even had Syda Taylor, our Director of Programs, make a visit to each group. Syda definitely helped calm the girls nerves some more and also helped them to know to not think so much. It is about how they feel about science and with confidence in that, there is nothing to worry about. With more visitors, the girls gained enough experience where they were not scared anymore, especially when their parents arrived. I could see the smile on their faces showing their family members that they can enjoy science.

Dec 9 - 5We took a moment to show appreciation to the girls. Tiffany, my teacher fellow, and I presented the girls with certificates to show their completion of the first half of our program. I will say this, despite of what the girls have been through, these certificates really meant a lot to them. Each one rushed and claimed their certificate with excitement and they felt proud in what they have done today. I am proud of them for I see the girls potential, becoming incredible women in society.


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