Welcome back, Ariel!

Jan 13 - 1It’s officially winter and the girls at Ariel are back for this season of Sisters For Science! There was a lot of talk about the scientists and activities lined up at the end of last season, so the girls were very excited to come back and get themselves busy with some experiments! But before they could dive into some of the activities we have scheduled for this season, the girls had to revisit their Code of Conduct and make sure they remembered what it is about Sisters For Science that makes for a safe and fun learning environment! To start off program, the girls recreated the Code of Conduct using some old rules from last season – Selena W. mentioned that the Golden Rule is a very important one to keep. We also added some new ones to the list. Gabby P. said “this season we should make sure to be engaged with the scientists.” In the end, we got a shiny, new Code of Conduct to start off our shiny, new season!Jan 13 - 3

The girls also did a little active ice breaker to get the blood flowing after sitting in class all day. We’ve decided that little physical activities in the session will help keep the girls focused and fresh for science, so we’ll be doing this every week! The girls learned how to play Ninja, a game that none of them had ever heard of before! Kiara W. said she had to get used to the fast-paced karate chops of the game. We’ll definitely have to try it again soon! Next week’s agenda: science experiments and karate chops, hi-ya!


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