How Contagious Is ‘Splitosia’?

Jan 20 - 1 Jan 20 - 4Have you ever been sick and tired diagnosing yourself using WebMD? Well this week, the girls at Ariel took it a step further and created their own diseases! Maria Ayala-Ramirez from The University of Chicago came and taught the girls about the different kinds of bacteria in our bodies. While some bacteria is good and some is bad, Maria wanted them to make up their own bacteria and think of weird ways in which the bacteria could affect them. The girls made up a name for the bacteria, drew a picture of it, and thought up some symptoms that a person would see if the bacteria “infected” them.

The girls thought up with some crazy names and even Jan 20 - 3 Jan 20 - 2crazier symptoms! Antimia, a 6th grader, came up with a bacteria called “Splitosia” that could give you split ends. “I thought of that because my hair falling out is probably the worst symptom a disease could give me!” Looks like Antimia will never let a bacteria get in the way of her flawless hair ;). Nyssa, an 8th grader, also had a crazy bacteria that gave you a disease that could turn your hair green! On top of that was tongue swelling and shortness of breath. I don’t think I ever want to catch that one.

Finally, the girls closed out with some journaling. They all agreed that while a lot of bacteria can make us sick, there are some bacteria in our bodies that we need to get rid of the bad ones. “It’s like we have a mini-cleaning system in our body” said Sabrina. The girls definitely had fun with the activity!


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