Funston’s Reflections of Knowledge!

Dec 12 - 1On the chilly day in December, the girls at Frederick Funston Elementary were preparing their presentations for the parents that came to see what they had learned so far from the program. They planned boards, demonstrations, and explanations to talk about the different topics they had learned about during the semester!

We had several parents there, as well as Natasha Smith-Walker, Executive Director of Project Exploration; and Syda Taylor, Director of Programs and Community Relations, were able to join us. The girls presented four of their favorite experiments that were done in the program: Balloon Head, Galaxy Slime, Elephant Toothpaste, and Volcano.  They chose these experiments in particular because they really enjoyed the material they learned, along with the demonstrations, which really sparked their interest and got them excited about learning science!

The girls joined into groups to present the posters and experiments. The girls that presented the ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ experiment had a great time showing about the reaction that occurs between hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, yeast, and water.  The students who decided on the ‘Galaxy Slime’ demonstration had fun showing the audience how slimy science could be in you combine glitter, borax, and glue!  And of course, the girls who presented the volcano were anxious to show their friends and family a small example of a volcanic explosion!  They were Dec 12 - 3super nervous at first but everything turned out amazing!! At the end, we presented certificates and T-shirts to the girls. Now, to wait on January when the girls go back to school. They were all looking forward to the fun experiments and different scientists that were planning on coming.


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