Being Scientific with Slime!

Dec 10 - 5It was time to get creative on December 10th! But first I want to say that Nina is always bringing new faces to the program and it is just wonderful that she is so open to showing her friends what exactly we do in Sisters4Science and how amazing it is to be in such a program. Today we had a chance to meet Symone, she is an 8th grader. We went around the room introducing ourselves and I briefly explained what the program was really about.

After introductions, I could tell the girls looked like they had a long day so why not wake up everyone at the same time by “Shaking it off”! I gathered all the girls and had them stand up in the front of the room. First I let them stretch out and told them to reach from side to side. Now it was time to shake it. “Everybody reach high into the sky now drop to the ground.” We started to wiggle and shake our whole bodies all the way back to our stretched out position. We were shaking away the tiredness, the negativity, everything that distracted us to be free to learn for the rest of the session today. We “shook it” a few times and a few laughs from Symone and a couple of other girls told me this was definitely helping. We came to a rest and asked if anyone knew about the human knot game. I explained the game to them and even participated for more encouragement. It was all up to the to ┬ástrategize and work together as a team to get out of the knot. Nina was pretty impressed and had no problem using her ideas to help everyone make the right move. It wasn’t long before we were all detangled and in one clean circle. After the human knot, I explained to the girls how they may get messy. Part of being a scientist was staying clean but also should not mind getting a little dirty. ITS SLIME DAY!!!

Dec 10 - 1 Dec 10 - 2

Our goal is to make the slimiest gooiest, and most colorful slime we could think of. I allowed the girls to see exactly the set of materials being used and how they are responsible for putting the right amount of ingredients together with my help. They each had their own mixing bowls and bags so they are able to take it home and show their families. Ashanti, one of the 5th graders, were very particular about her slime and wanted all the mixing to be perfect. The rest of the girls also expressed the different colors they had in mind for their slime. “I want blue and red” said Daishia. “I want it to look like Mahina’s” Mahina had first chosen blue and red and others followed suit. While others like Ashanti simply picked green. “This is really fun!” said Symone. And with that I allowed them to collect the slime they just created and had enough time to make another. The girls got excited and of course changed colors. Some had blue green as their color and even orange. They really liked the idea that they created something themselves from items they can find around the house. That even made them more curious on its properties. Such as how sticky it is and how long will it last, comparing it to clay that is sat out for days. I was satisfied with all of their participation and the girls told me that they really are starting to really like Sisters4Science when they are able to create things on their own!

Dec 10 - 8


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