Ariel’s Reflections of Knowledge!

Dec 9 - 7 Tuesday, December 9th was our last day of Sisters4Science for the Fall and we closed it out with our Reflection of Knowledge! The girls put a ton of work into their presentations for this special event and it was great to see all of their hard work showcased for everyone to see. We even had some family members and friends come out to see what the girls have learned this season, including Ariel Community Academy’s Vice Principal Dr. Judith Shelton! While many of the girls were at first nervous to stand up in front of everyone and speak, they quickly overcame their nerves and became absolute rock stars at presenting. Antoinette, who did a presentation on the Static Electricity experiment, even got up in front of theDec 9 - 5 audience to draw out a diagram of an atom and explain how electron transfer works when you rub two objects together. We basically brought out the inner lecturer in her! Furthermore, Rhema had some great things to say during her project about the background of DNA.The girls learned that one of the people who was very important to the discovery of DNA, Rosalind Franklin, did not get the credit she deserved because she was a woman. Rhema told the audience that after everything she’s learned this season and all of the amazing scientists that have come in to teach them about their careers, she knows that something like that should never happen again because “women are just as smart and hardworking as men, and prettier.” I like the way she thinks!

As a closing event, our facilitator Nedum presented all the girls with a certificate from Project Exploration to commemorate all the girls’ hard work and participation in the program during this past semester! ¬†They have done such an amazing job and it has been so great watching them grow and develop in their scientific skills!

Overall, we had an amazing time these last few weeks, and the girls seems to really enjoy the learning experience. They all are buzzing to come back next year and have already asked about the scientists that will be teaching them. They’re all very excited to hear that we’re planning on doing a dissection. Can’t wait to start things back up in January!

Dec 9 - 2 Dec 9 - 8 Dec 9 - 9


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