A Burst of Glitter!

Jan 16 - 3  Good day to you all! On chilly Friday, January 16th, 2015, we welcomed back Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary! The girls were beyond relieved and excited that the program was back in full swing after their winter break. Being the first day back, we wanted to take things a little slow. We began my mentioning our favorite part of our winter break and what we did in general. Afterwards the fun began! We did a brand new ice breaker called Telephone Charades. In this ice breaker, the girl at the front of the line acted out something. Then the next girl would tell the next girl and so on. Time definitely went by so fast that we played that game for about 20 minutes. The girls had such a blast!Jan 16 - 1

Afterwards, we got into the nitty gritty. The girls filled out some paper work for the program just to clear things up for the rest of our sessions. Yet, don’t you worry, we saved the best for last. With just a few simple ingredients such as water, glitter, dish soap, and an empty water bottle, the girls created a tornado of glitter! It was by far one of the coolest experiments ever. The girls had so much fun swirling the bottle Jan 16 - 2to create the tornado.

As our session ended, I mentioned to the girls that a scientist was coming next week. Their responses were insane! They were so excited and happy!! One of them even responded with: “Oh thank goodness Sisters4Science is back”. It was really cute. Till then my friends!


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