Getting Ready to Present at Ariel!

Nov 25 - 5This week at Sisters4Science we’re prepping for our Project Exploration Reflections of Knowledge! The Reflections of Knowledge is something we do each session to look back on all of the cool stuff the girls have learned about and have an opportunity to share it with their friends and family. The girls are all creating a poster board with their favorite experiment/topic they learned this fall, and they’re going to present it on December 9th so people can see just what Sisters4Science is all about! Ja’nyka picked the Static Electricity experiment, that they performed with our guest scientist Tahra Eissa from the University of Chicago, to talk about, and she’s very excited to get to tell people all of the amazing things she learned from Tahra. She said she didn’t know anything about electron transfer before, so she’s happy that she gets to share that knowledge with other people now!

Nov 25 - 1 Nov 25 - 2Antimia and Kiara are working together to talk about the background of DNA, because they think a lot of their friends don’t know about the scientists who discovered it! “I didn’t even know that a woman helped discover what DNA looked like, so I think it’s important that other people know how Rosalind Franklin helped Watson and Crick discover it!” I agree, Antimia! McKenzie is doing her presentation on the scientific method, because she liked that she got to chew gum during that experiment in class. Some girls are even presenting on the other topic that Tahra taught them about, which was optical illusions in the brain. They might even test their audience to see if any of them have synesthesia, just like Tahra tested them when she came to visit us! Looks like the girls are going to have some great presentations for the¬†people¬†that come out to our Project Exploration¬†Reflections of Knowledge!