To Another Galaxy of Learning!

It finally came. The last day of session before our presentations. The girls were ready to get down to business and work on their boards. We have come a long way and I will say that I have seen changes in the girls and they enjoy learning science.

Of courseDec 2 - 7 to end our last day, we have to remind the girls that science is all different types of things and who better than Dr. Elise Jennings to help the girls learn about astronomy. Dr. Jennings first introduced herself and what do you know, she has an accent. She allowed the girls to try and guess where she was from. “I think you’re from England.” Said my 8th grader Victoria, and she was close but not quite. Ashaunti took a turn and guessed London. She was also close but not exactly the right place. After the girls were stumped Elise told them she was from Ireland. This was nice for the girls to not only meet women in science but also expand their minds to meet women from other countries as well.

Dr. Elise Jennings had an activity for them where they were able to distinguish different types of galaxies. They had 2 separate sheets of paper with numerous pictures of galaxies on them. The girls were put into teamsDec 2 - 2 and with those pictures, which galaxies looked alike? And why did they look alike? We had 3 separate groups and today I was extremely proud of Jakaylah, Semajah, and janiah’s group. They created their own chart, took turns in picking out the galaxies, and also put they’re own opinions on why they thought the galaxies looked similar. After all the groups were done they had their chance to present to the class. I noticed that most of the girls picked the same similar galaxies which helped to know as a whole they were on the same page.

The girls enjoyed learning about galaxies and thanked Dr. Jennings in coming in. I spoke to the girls about their projects and it was time to continue that team work in decorating their boards. I helped the group with the DNA extraction and Ms. Harrell helped the group that wanted to present the pop rocks experiment. The girls are looking forward to next week and I’m excited for them to show they’re family and friends what they have learned so far.


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