The Wonders of Physics!

On a chilly afternoon on NovembeNov 21 - 16r 21st, Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary was in for an awesome day! For our guest scientist, we had Dr. Guadiana return to teach the students more about different scientific experiments. With her, she brought a lot of cool materials for her lessons. Once the girls saw that, they were super excited! The first lesson for this day had to do with electricity. Dr. Guadiana’s husband built a board that had many wires and a car alarm. This lesson was focused on what can produce electricity. The materials for this was water, sand, and the girls themselves. For the sand and water, the girls found out that the water did produce any electrons to cause a car light to turn on but the sand did not produce any. For the car alarm, the girls all held and realized that they could all turn on the sound. It was super loud but the girls had a blast with that!

Nov 21 - 9The next lesson began with dry ice, a bowl, dish soap, and some water. Dr. Guadiana placed the dry ice in the bowl filled with water. It instantly began to smoke and bubble! There were definitely a bunch of Ohhs and Ahhs from the girls at that moment. Dish soap was added to the brim of the bowl in order to create bubbles from the bubbling water. The bubbles contained smoke-like gas and the girls were excited to see them pop!

The last and final lesson was about acids, bases, and pH. The girls learned what basic and acidic meant and how to test the pH balance of a liquid. Dr. Guadiana brought in some very basic and very acidic liquids. Each of the girls had a turn at testing out the pH balance with the testing strips. I have to say, this session was by far one of the coolest! The girls are absolutely loving the scientists and the many experiments and lessons they bring along with them. Hopefully next week we do something equally as fun!


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