Preparing for Presentations!

November 18th was an important day at Woodson! It was our ‘Reflections of Knowledge’ Prep Day. Today it was time for the girls to really prepare to show others what they have learned thus far while a part of Sisters4Science. I brought all the materials they needed to get everything started and practice their demonstrations! Now in prior sessions, we have asked the girls what exactly did they want to do for their presentation. One of the¬†groups of girls decided to do the pop rocks and soda experiment that we did at the beginning of the semester; and another group was inspired by the DNA extraction experiment with Dr. Shulla. In the DNA group, Arianna had said that she actually wants to try the experiment where you extract your own DNA. I was impressed that they wanted to try something new and we gave it a try.

The girls were separated into their respective groups and started figuring out the scientific method process related to their chosen experiment. What was their purpose, what were the materials, and what will be our conclusion? After the girls had written out what they needed, they were ready to dig deep into the scientific aspects of their process. The DNA¬† extraction group had used Gatorade in order to start the experiment and of course they were happy about that. “Can we drink it after we are done?” Tahnya was the first to ask that question. Overall they were able to complete the experiment and know what they were going to explain on their poster board. It was nice to see the girls get excited while they were preparing. Jakaylah was very attentive today and I could tell that she really is open to new things. She is one of many who loves to learn.

The girls had a great time revisiting what they have learned from our Sisters4Science sessions so far! We are so excited to share them with others at our Reflection of Knowledge/WOW! event on December 9th!


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