Oozing Brains and Galaxy Slime Are Out of this World!

Good day to everyone! Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary was super exciting on November 14th! Not only did we have a scientist, but we also had visitors! Observing our session was Natasha Smith-Walker, Project Exploration’s Executive Director, and Syda Segovia Taylor, Director of Programs and Community Relations; and one of our board members, Dr. Judy Lubin.  For this week’s session, Dr. Guadiana returned to work with the girls! She kept her promise to the girls and brought in preserved brains.  Three of them were from mice and a larger brain belonged to a ferret. The girls had so many questions this week. One of the most interesting questions was: “Do the animals suffer when you kill them?!” Dr. Guadiana did such a great job at explaining that these animals lead super happy lives and the scientists do not kill them. If anything, the animals were given medicine that made them feel absolutely nothing. The girls interacted with Dr. Guadiana a lot!

Nov 14 - 3Nov 14 - 1

This week, Dr. Guadiana brought in a few experiments to show the girls. One was that of a volcano in which she mixed vinegar and baking soda. The girls loved the reaction between the two ingredients. They were so excited they wanted to see a larger reaction, but it would have been too dangerous for the class. The next experiment was with mixing an acid with a sort of powder that created a thick liquid. We then placed it on a hot plate and waited for the liquid to become clear. After that happened, the liquid turned back into its original state of being tiny crystals. The girls had way too much fun actually seeing the liquid back to its original state! The last and final experiment was something that everyone could do. Now, when I say everyone I mean it! Natasha, Syda, and Judy joined the girls and I in creating galaxy slime! It was a mixture of glue, food coloring, starch, and some glitter! All the girls could personalize their slime with their favorite color and shape of glitter. I know that this week, the girls really did enjoy all of the many experiments taught by our scientist. We cannot wait for what’s to come next week with her! Till then my friends!

Nov 14 - 5

Galaxy Slime!

Nov 14 - 4

Is this what it’s supposed to look like?


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