Creating Your Own Disease!

The Marquette girls brought more of their friends to the program on November 19th, which made the session even better today! Since we had more new faces, I did a brief introduction of myself and let the girls play two truths and a lie. This game helped make the girls feel more comfortable, especially Nina. Nina is an 8th grader and she was the one who had a lot of questions and also was more open to talk to the other girls.

Nov 19 - 3 Nov 19 - 2

After we got better acquainted I introduced the girls to our guest scientist, Maria Ayala Ramirez. She is a student working towards her PhD study immunology. She had prepared the girls to a process similar to Gryffindor. Do you remember Harry Potter?? Maria had created cards of different organisms and they had to place them in the right categories: Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, and Cells. It was interesting to see the girls read the scientific names of the organisms. “These words are too long!”; “Yea and do they really look like this inside your body” Mahina, another 8th grader, was a little taken back from all the possible living things that can be good or bad for you.

After they went through all the cards it was now their turn to use their imagination. Maria and I brought out the construction paper and markers and told the girls to create their own organisms. They all had their time to draw their own organism, name it, and what it exactly does. Lanaise, an 8th grader, created a bacteria named Enzema. This bacteria was good for it cures and fights any bad bacteria or viruses. Kayla, an 8th grader, explained her bacteria. “The bacteria I made is a bad bacteria, it causes internal bleeding and how you can get it is from infected air.” I was impressed by the ideas the girls had for their bacteria, whether it was good or bad. The girls had a fun time learning about microorganism a and were glad to hear they could take their creations home, so they can show their families. It was a successful session!

Nov 19 - 9 Nov 19 - 5


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