Surveys and Toothpaste!

Welcome to Sisters 4 Science!! I met new 8th graders to the program this week. We introduced ourselves and got a chance to get to know each other. They asked me questions about myself and vice versa. We went over the important things before we got into the learning for the day! Jacki, our Program Manager, was with us today so the girls could take their pre-surveys for the program and we also went over the Sisters4Science ‘Code of Conduct’. The girls easily understood our principles and were very receptive to what I was trying to say when it came down to becoming confident with science.

How much hydrogen peroxide does it take to clean an elephant's teeth?

How much hydrogen peroxide does it take to clean an elephant’s teeth?

For this session, I performed the popular elephant toothpaste experiment and the girls had a chance to do it on their own. They were very precise with the ingredients and even had us test a theory that Nina came up with. “If we added more of the amount of hydrogen peroxide into the bottle, will the reaction cause more foam to form?” We tested that theory and we gathered that there was a faster reaction but the amount of foam was similar to the first trial. The girls really liked the experiment and said they would tell their friends about joining the program. It was really nice meeting these girls and I look forward to next week.

It's a foaming volcano!

It’s a foaming volcano!

Which one created the most foam?

Which combination of ingrediants created the most foam?


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