Which Gum Lasted the Longest?

At the October 21st session of Sisters4Science we talked about the scientific method. Since most of the girls had already learned about it, they were all pros at applying it to our experiment! To apply what they knew about the scientific method, the girls performed an experiment to find out what type of popular chewing gum held flavor the longest. As their hypotheses, each girl chose a brand that they thought would have flavor for longest and then timed each other to see which one stood the test of time. Then, to compare results the girls put their data on the board and analyzed their times to see which gum lasted longest. In the end, Wrigley’s 5 gum won out the other two brands, but as Antoinette said because each girl has her own taste buds we can’t know for sure if 5 gum really did last the longest! But regardless, the girls had fun and learned more about the scientific method.

Which gum lasted the longest?

Which gum lasted the longest?

Oct 21 - 2

Here are some things the girls said about experimenting using the scientific method:

“We need to be able to use the scientific method so we can solve problems in the world like global warming.” – Antimia

“Knowing a lot about a topic can help you make an experiment to know even more about it.” – Nissa

We’ve got some smart girls on our hands!


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