What is a Virus?!

“What do you want to be when you grow?” As I went around the room and each girl expressed what they wanted to be at our session on October 21st. Arianna said ” I want to be a veterinarian. Sarah was interested in becoming a dancer, Tahnya wanted to be a teacher, and Ashaunti wants to become part of Forensics in the FBI!! I brought this up to the girls because I wanted them to think about all the possible careers for them. They can be whatever they aspire to be as long as they believe in themselves and they stay determined. With all this career talk I gladly introduced our guest of the day, Dr. Ana Shulla.

Working hard, learning about viruses and DNA!

Working hard, learning about viruses and DNA!

Oct 21 - 7

Dr. Shulla is a Microbiologist from the University of Chicago and today she is discussing viruses. What is a Virus? Is it living or nonliving? Name a few viruses that we are familiar with.These were the questions that were asked and the girls were really learning the facts. The most engaged Sister today I will say was Ashaunti. She really impressed Dr. Shulla and even myself on what she knew about viruses. Ashaunti “viruses are non living and the Ebola virus comes from bats.”  “Viruses causes mutations which are abnormal changes in DNA.” We told her this can really help her with her FBI dream with knowing all these things about the body. After talking, it was time for coloring. The girls had a chance to visualize what a virus looked like and it’s structure. The girls were looking forward to next week where they can learn more about Viruses and DNA.


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