Sisters4Science Gets Started at Marquette!

October 22nd was the first day at Marquette Elementary School. I met the girls and they were really excited to be there! They were really nice and were open for me to tell them about the program. It was introduction day, so I told them about the aspect of the program and the fun experiments they can look forward to. After getting through the important stuff, we had a chance to relax and get know one another better!

I introduced myself and went around the room for the girls to introduce themselves. They even talked about their families and interesting facts about them as well without me asking. One girl named Rayniah had a very interesting fact she shared about herself. “I was born with my heart on the right side instead of the left and when I was born my umbilical cord was wrapped around my arm, so that’s why my left arm is smaller than my right.” I could tell that they were not afraid to show who they were to me and that was a good feeling. The girls even expressed that they love science and math. The biggest smile came across my face. They were in the right place! We then talked about the specific topics we want to research and what kind of field trips could we do. They of course asked what I did before becoming a facilitator and that’s when our animal talk came about. I was delighted to meet these sweet girls who can even teach something about science I may not have known. I am excited to start or sessions and to really get the girls more proactive in the field!


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